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[SoA 12] The Legacy of Tela'Imun

Malibu and Her Merkley Men discover what lies in the deepest part of the Wailing Tomb.

[Session 28] Exorcism

The Singularity push deeper into the caverns below Villa Cassalanter, and move closer to the ritual that will decide the fate of Brother Felix.

[Session 27] A Plan Comes Together

For months, The Singularity has worked on uncovering the plot behind the brotherhood and their actions. Now, with a chance to save Brother Felix from what seems to be impending doom, they attempt a heist that may draw the ire of a suspected leader of the powerful organization.

[Session 26] Meeting with an Old Friend

The Singularity deal with the consequences of their decisions, and Sylfir and Gordy go to a meeting with Braxon.

[Session 25] No Time for Regrets

The Singularity depart the Dock Ward, hoping to buy themselves some time by handing over a decoy to the Gentleman's Guild.

[Session 24] Another Zin

Members of the Singularity deal with the consequences of a spy mission gone wrong.

[Session 23.5] Society's Finest

While Sylfir and Zin try to explore the grounds of Villa Cassalanter incognito, Brother Felix goes on a mission of his own.

[Session 23] Silent as a Spider

The Singularity take some R&R time at the Yawning Portal and do some recon on a wealthy family in the North Ward of Waterdeep.

[Bastion 1] The Boiling Gate

You are members of The Bastion, a network of freelance adventurers making a living as hired guns in the nation of Calimshan. The three of you have just successfully fulfilled a contract in Teshburl, a port city in the southwest corner of the Calim Desert. You'd been hired by a wealthy merchant to transport a caravan of goods from Memnon (further up the coast) to his storehouses in Teshburl. Upon the safe delivery of those goods, you were soon approached by a half-orc representing a group known as The Bordershield. They now have a similar task for you: Deliver a piece of cargo from Teshburl to a camp a days' journey or so into the Calim Desert. You've agreed and that is where you find yourself now. Each of you on the deck of your own small sand skiff, several hours northwest of Teshburl on a rolling, windswept section of desert. The Bordershield provided you with three skiffs and a skilled driver for each. You exchange looks across the sands and keep watch over the fourth, larger, vessel in the center of the protective triangle your formation of skiffs creates. The fourth skiff carrying whatever cargo you're delivering to the camp. You don't know what's in it. It's not your job to know. All you care about is getting it to the camp and those suspiciously large dunes that just appeared in the distance.

[Session 22] What Lurks Below

The Singularity face an old foe with a new friend.

[Session 21] The Coffinmarch

The Singularity revel in the spoils of their victory, but are awoken in the middle of the night and confronted by a past failure.

[Session 20.5] The Best Death of Your Life

While the Singularity deal with the aftermath of their successful mission with the devils, a strangely dressed half elf lurks in the field ward, nearby to where the group trod earlier in the day.

[Session 20] Devils vs. Devils

The Singularity deals with their defeat and sets a course for what's to come.

[SoA 11] The Wailing Tomb

The group investigates an ancient tomb that is rumored to be haunted, cursed, or worse.

[SoA 10] Return to Reality

The group reports on what happened at the temple. Cookie finds a crucial part of his camp life missing.

[SoA 9] Tempers and Tongues

The group delves deeper into the Temple of Merrshaulk.

[SoA 8] Betrayal and Vengeance

The group deals with the fallout of their mistakes of the past.

[SoA 7] Regrets and Repose

The group seeks to when the trust of Quinn at the Tomb of the Ancients.

[SoA 6] Rocks and Rivers

The group faces threats from multiple enemies in the desert.

[SoA 5] Sand and Water

The group makes their way through the desert to the Tomb of the Ancients

[SoA 4] Blood and Sweat

The group recovers from their near-death experience, and debates the proper course forward.

[SoA 3] Truth and Lies

The group has dinner with Masherif and the other palace residents. They make a plan for what they'll do next.

[SoA 2] Good and Evil

The newly-formed group faces the final stage in the gauntlet and some difficult decisions.

[SoA 1] Death and Life

We begin in the temporary city of Mus’Atah during the festival of Mudad Lilhaykal

[RFN Talks 7] A Look Back

All of the RFN guys get together to talk about their Singularity campaign so far

[Session 19] Life and Death

The Singularity faces what lurks inside the mausoleum in the City of the Dead.

[Session 18] Threats, Extortion, and Defiling the Dead

Brother Felix follows his curiosity, and finds more than he bargained for. The Singularity pursues a lead in the City of the Dead.

[Session 17] When the Past Comes Looking

Members of The Singularity delve deep into the past, searching great halls of learning, back alleys, rundown bars, and mountaintops to learn secrets and stories that could guide them in what is to come.

[Session 16] Failed Experiments

Members of The Singularity set themselves to a task that leads them into a labyrinth of sewers underneath the streets of Waterdeep.

[Session 15] Trouble Amongst Friends

The Singularity enters into a Three Dragon Ante tournament.

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