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[SoA 1] Death and Life

We begin in the temporary city of Mus’Atah during the festival of Mudad Lilhaykal

[RFN Talks 7] A Look Back

All of the RFN guys get together to talk about their Singularity campaign so far

[Session 19] Life and Death

The Singularity faces what lurks inside the mausoleum in the City of the Dead.

[Session 18] Threats, Extortion, and Defiling the Dead

Brother Felix follows his curiosity, and finds more than he bargained for. The Singularity pursues a lead in the City of the Dead.

[Session 17] When the Past Comes Looking

Members of The Singularity delve deep into the past, searching great halls of learning, back alleys, rundown bars, and mountaintops to learn secrets and stories that could guide them in what is to come.

[Session 16] Failed Experiments

Members of The Singularity set themselves to a task that leads them into a labyrinth of sewers underneath the streets of Waterdeep.

[Session 15] Trouble Amongst Friends

The Singularity enters into a Three Dragon Ante tournament.

[Session 14] Silent Screams

The Singularity stand at the base of a staircase, wondering what horrors await them on the other side of a door.

[Session 13] A Voice to Die For

Volo leads The Singularity through the City of Waterdeep, and to a problem waiting in the dark of an abandoned building.

[Session 12] What Lurks Below

The Singularity find themselves facing a problem at The Yawning Portal.

[Session 11] Horns and Hoofs and Drinks and Dragons

The Singularity finds themselves at the gates of Waterdeep, and a whole new beginning.

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